Get work done faster with a walk-behind mower delivering unmatched quality of cut and time-tested durability. With innovations including a patented front height adjustment system, a 3-in-1 cutting system that offers versatility and a signature quality of cut.

  • Engine Model - KAW FJ180V
  • Cutting Width      21 in
  • Patented Front Height Adj
  • Single Point Rear Adj 
  • ECS180GKA21000
  • Engine Model - HON 160cc
  • Cutting Width      21 in
  • Patented Front Height Adj
  • Blade Brake Clutch  
  • ECX180CKA210BC
  • Engine Model - KAW FJ180V
  • Cutting Width      21 in
  • Patented Front Height Adj
  • Single Point Read Adj  
  • ECX180CHN21000


Don’t let its size fool you. Our Commercial 30 mower is deceptively light and easy to maneuver. In fact, this 30-inch self-propelled mower feels and handles much like its Commercial 21 counterparts, incorporating a single-speed transmission and our patented front-height adjusters. The major difference: its 30-inch cut delivers up to a 40% increase in cutting efficiency compared to a standard 21-inch mower—without wearing out the machine or its operator. Self-propelled rear wheel gear drive provides variable speed so operators work comfortably at their personal pace. Variable speed also makes mowing uneven terrain easier than with standard push mowers.

  • Engine Model - KAW FJ180V
  • Cutting Width      30 in
  • Twin Blade Technology
  • Blade Brake Clutch 
  • ECX180CHN21000



When shopping for a fixed-deck, gear drive mower, you should have no trouble finding one or two of the three attributes listed above. But to get all three in a single machine, you’re looking at a Metro. Its five-inch-deep Ultracut deck delivers the sought-after Exmark cut. Metro 36- and 48-inch gear drive mowers have the patented Enhanced Control System, with handle placement and design that reduces vibrations and relieves fatigue. All Metro mowers have rugged Kawasaki® V-Twin engines and deliver the quality and features you’re looking for. All at a price that puts it within reach of virtually any budget.

Mower Deck Widths: 32" - 36" - 48"

Starting at $3599


You can look, but you simply won’t find a better value in the Hydro drive walk-behind category than the fixed-deck Viking. Exmark’s® patented Hydro Quick Track Adjustment allows easy and fast adjustments without tools. Our patented flow control baffles deliver an unsurpassed cut. And you’ll feel the difference our patented Enhanced Control System (ECS) makes after a long, and very productive, day. Simply put, the Viking is the mower of choice for professionals who want Hydro walk-behind performance combined with the value of a fixed deck design. Available with 36 or 48 inch cutting decks.

Mower Deck Widths: 36" & 48"

Starting at $5799


With the Exmark Turf Tracer S-Series, you can choose from four rugged engines including the eco-friendly, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), propane Kohler® PCV680. Then, match that power to cutting decks in 36", 48", and 52 inch widths. In whatever configuration you choose, you’ll get our patented Enhanced Control System (ECS), for ultimate operator comfort. Which translates to day-long operator productivity. All Turf Tracer models come with a Hydro drive system and a floating deck with cutting heights ranging from 1.5" to 4.5" with 0.5" increments.

Mower Deck Widths: 36" - 48" - 52"

  • TTS481CKA36300          $6399

  • TTS481GKA48300          $6899

  • TTS600GKA483E0          $7399

  • TTS680PKC483E0          $9999

  • TTS541GKA52300          $7299

  • TTS600GKA523E0          $7599


By virtually any measure, the Turf Tracer X-Series represents the definitive, full-featured hydro drive mower. Whether you choose the 52- or 60-inch cutting deck, the UltraCut­™ with splined spindle blade driver is up to the toughest jobs. As are the X-Series engines—Kohler® EFI, Kawasaki® and Kohler EFI Propane. Ground speeds up to 6.75 mph, and up to 2.25 in reverse, also rank the Turf Tracer X-Series among the most productive mowers in its class.

Mower Deck Widths: 52" - 60"

  • TTX650EKC52400          $8999

  • TTX680PKC52400         $11299

  • TTX650EKC60400          $9199

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