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What 2 stroke oil should I use?


One of the most common questions we get asked is "Does it really matter what type of 2 stroke oil I use?
The answer to this question is YES. Not all 2 stroke oil is created equally.

What is the difference between 2 stroke oil and 4 stroke oil?
2 stroke oils are designed and chemically altered to combust or burn. 2 stroke oils contain certain detergents to clean varnishes and carbon deposits from the combustion ports. They are very different than 4 stroke oils, which are designed to adhere to the components within the engine to provide lubrication and to help prevent overheating of the engine. These oils cannot be used interchangeably. 

What is the difference between all the 2 stroke oils?

In 1994 the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) developed a new standard oil rating. This standard was then revised in 2004. This rating has three different levels:

  • FA: This is the lowest specification that tests lubrication capability, detergency, initial torque, exhaust smoke and exhaust system blocking. This specification has been officially declared obsolete in 2005 although it is still being used.

  • FB: This specification is slightly higher than JASO FA and tests the same characteristics. It requires increased lubrication capability, detergency, exhaust smoke and exhaust system blocking. It corresponds with ISO Global Specification EGB.

  • FC: This specification requires the same results for the tests of lubrication capability and initial torque as JASO FB but has higher standards for detergency and exhaust smoke and exhaust system blocking. It corresponds with ISO Global Specification EGC.

  • FD: This is the highest specification and has the same standards as JASO FC except for a higher detergency requirement. It corresponds with ISO Global Specification EGD.

FD rated oils offer the best lubrication for your equipment and produce the least amount of smoke. Below is a chart showing some of the test results.

When shopping for 2-stroke oil look for the JASO rating, which will be shown on the container.

Jaso Chart.jpg

Does it really matter what oil I use?

Low quality oils will leave behind deposits in the cylinder and on the

piston. These deposits can cause the piston rings to get stuck, preventing

the engine from building sufficient compression. These deposits can also

break free and cause damage to the engine.

Higher quaility oils will also allow the engine to run at cooler temperatures.

Heat can kill an engine. 

Husqvarna's XP+ 2-stroke oil was developed primarily to reduce operating

rod bearing temperatures.

Piston Comparison.jpg
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